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SPACE: Supporting Parents and Carers @ Cambridge


Caring for a dependent, whether they are children, or ill, elderly or disabled family members, friends or partners, is often difficult to balance with today's demanding working environment. Support and information is particularly useful at transition points, such as becoming a carer for an elderly relative, a parent, going on maternity or paternity leave and returning from career breaks.

Research conducted by E&D has indicated that members of the University would like a network that delivers both virtual and face-to-face support, information and opportunities to meet other people who have caring responsibilities.

The SPACE network is a social network where people have the opportunity to exchange experiences and help each other in an informal but confidential fashion.


The aims of the SPACE network are to:

  • provide an informal point of information and points of contact

  • meet others and share experiences, e.g. do's and don'ts and best practice

  • have opportunities to engage with staff from different University support services to find out more about what they can offer


To achieve these aims we have established:

  • regular events, like coffee mornings or lunch-time meetings that will discuss specific topics at different sites of the University